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Introducing Salisbury Dressage

Salisbury Dressage is a renowned equestrian establishment based in Lancefield, Victoria, dedicated to the production of exceptional horses for both the domestic and international dressage markets. With a strong focus on quality and excellence, Salisbury Dressage has established successful partnerships with renowned figures in the dressage world, including David Shoobridge, Helgstrand at Turnberry, and Gestuet Bonhomme.

Led by a team of experienced professionals and headed by David Shoobridge, Salisbury Dressage aims to breed, train, and develop top-quality dressage horses that excel in the competitive equestrian arena. David Shoobridge, a highly regarded dressage rider and trainer, brings his expertise and passion for the sport to Salisbury Dressage, ensuring the highest standards in horsemanship and training methods.

The partnership with Helgstrand at Turnberry allows Salisbury Dressage and it’s customers to benefit from some incredible bloodlines along with business expertise and resources of one of the world's leading dressage stables.

Furthermore, Salisbury Dressage has joined forces with Gestuet Bonhomme, a renowned stud farm with a strong reputation for breeding high-quality dressage horses. The collaboration with Gestuet Bonhomme also ensures access to elite bloodlines further enhancing the breeding program at Salisbury Dressage.

Salisbury Dressage's location in Lancefield, Victoria, provides an ideal setting for the development of horses, with its beautiful countryside and excellent facilities. The tranquil environment and well-maintained training grounds contribute to the well-being and optimal performance of the horses.

With their strong partnerships, experienced team, and dedication to producing exceptional horses, Salisbury Dressage is positioned as a leading player in the dressage market. Their commitment to excellence and the pursuit of top-level performance make them an attractive choice for dressage enthusiasts both domestically and internationally

Salisbury Dressage have an exceptional selection of international quality youngstock available for purchase ranging from foals to riding horses.

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